About CSF-DC

College Success Foundation-District of Columbia (CSF-DC) was founded in late 2006 to address the critically low college graduation rates for students in the public and public charter schools in Wards 7 and 8, two communities that were identified as under-resourced and underserved. Beginning in the 7th grade and continuing through college completion, CSF-DC students receive in-depth, personalized and hands-on support. CSF-DC has adopted research-based, best practices that meet students’ academic, developmental, emotional, social, and financial needs. CSF-DC’s programs are designed with students in mind and are customized to meet their individual needs.

As a result, our students achieve high school and college completion rates that exceed their peers in DC, regionally and nationally. Professionally-trained College Prep Advisors working in our partner public and public charter high and middle schools monitor student progress and provide “on-demand” academic and developmental counseling and support. Our students have learning opportunities in support of college and career awareness and planning. Our 6-week summer academic enrichment program addresses summer learning loss and accelerates preparation for the next grade level. CSF-DC College Program Officers provide advisement and counseling support to ensure career-focused degree attainment in 4-6 years.

Data shows that CSF-DC’s model works.  CSF-DC students experience success in educational attainment with a life-long impact on their careers and the communities around them.

  • 99% of CSF-DC students graduated from High School “on-time” with their class compared to 91% nationally and 80% for Black Students (74% in the District of Columbia)
  • 87% of CSF-DC students enrolled directly into college compared to 63% nationally and 57% for Black students
  • 78% of CSF-DC students returned to college for Year 2 compared to 76% nationally and 65% for Black students
  • 52% of CSF-DC students graduated from college within six years compared with 64% nationally and 40% for Black students (45.9% for Black students at four-year public institutions–alternative source)



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